We help chefs make magic.

Artistry can’t happen if the ingredients aren’t fresh and pristine. We can help you design the precise walk-in your high standards demand.

Join the TAFCO Team!

We are always looking for talent.

Steel Yourself

When it comes to steel, Tafco has you covered. We can provide drawings, materials, calculations and installation!

Keep it chill(ed).

From retail glass door coolers your customers can’t wait to open, to attractive built-ins behind the bar or counter, we’ve got the solution you’re looking for.

We won't leave you hanging.

But we can engineer virtually any hanging ceiling for your walk-in from your existing structure!

Aging can be a (very) good thing!

We’ve got the options, components and engineering to create the meat-aging walk-in of your dreams.

Our walk-ins are designed to excel in your environment.

Custom Solutions

At Tafco, our goal is to manufacture the finest quality walk-ins available and to provide you with an unsurpassed level of service. All of our walk-ins are engineered to your exact specifications using the latest Autodesk and manufacturing software.

Food Service

Your Tafco foodservice walk-in coolers go beyond preserving your valuable ingredients. Our sleek designs bring the customer closer to the food, strengthening the restaurant’s brand and the customer experience.  


Tafco walk-in coolers are designed and engineered to the highest standards in the industry. We support the scientific community with precise and reliable climate-controlled environments necessary for solving today’s demanding challenges. 

A great walk-in starts with great components.


Tafco cooler and freezer panels are available in hundreds of sizes, allowing flexibility of design. Panels come in many standard sizes, with custom size panels available upon request. These lightweight modular panels are easy to handle and allow assembly, disassembly, relocation, and expansion.


Tafco doors are among the best in the industry. Our doors are available in standard opening sizes, along with custom sizes. Tafco doors come with an assortment of accessories and options to meet your specific requirement. We offer manual and electric, horizontal and bi-parting sliding doors. Most accessories are also available with an antimicrobial coating.


Tafco quality walk-in floors are designed to provide years of reliable performance. Our standard floors can provide the strength required for light, medium, and heavy cart traffic. Tafco’s experienced engineers are ready to design a floor to meet any of your requirements!


Tafco has many pre-engineered walk-in models, which means meeting your refrigeration needs is as easy as placing a simple order. There is no need to spend long hours configuring refrigeration. Design work is done up front and beforehand, not on the spot.

We prioritize outstanding service and support.



Do you have a special, unique challenge? At Tafco, we love challenges, and our design team will work alongside you to understand your needs and tailor a custom walk-in solution that’s truly one-of-a-kind. 


Dependability, consistency, and efficiency are the hallmarks of a Tafco walk-in cooler. Our clients depend upon our coolers, day-in, and day-out, which is why we obsess about the details, every panel, hinge, and the door is engineered to last a lifetime. Let us obsess over your walk-in cooler. 

Installation Plus

Tafco’s installation and delivery process is a real bonus. Our trucks deliver your walk-in directly to the job site, assuring that we adhere to your scheduled delivery of the complete walk-in unit. We offer general box erection to complete turn-key installs at many locations worldwide!

Dependable Support

As an American company building walk-in coolers for over 30 years, we rely on strong relationships. This is why ownership of a Tafco walk-in cooler is more than a purchase, it is a partnership that is committed to your long-term success. 

Certification, and beyond!

Our policy is to provide our customers with a quality product that fully satisfies their requirements. On-time delivery and conformance to requirements are constant objectives. We strive to continually improve the quality management system and all processes of the system.

Employees are encouraged to initiate improvements and to participate in improvement activities. We are committed to fulfilling our commitment to our employees and community by maintaining a safe working environment, and by meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Click here for details on our certifications.

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