We are refrigeration engineers!

Depending on the application, location, and desired temperature, our team selects the most efficient refrigeration units needed. We have the ability to size units for simple or more advanced applications. For more complex applications, our refrigeration specialists work on the best solution. We will run the system at Tafco to guarantee the system holds the parameters needed, before shipping.

DOE/AWEF-Compliant Units

Tafco provides the most up-to-date and tested refrigeration units that follow DOE regulations. High quality, increased flexibility, and efficiency for lower, long-term operating costs. These units are designed to utilize R-448A/R-449A with low global warming (GWP) refrigerants. Our team understands these regulations and provides the adequate units for the desired location.

Energy savings, precise temperature, and communications in a complete and economical package!

EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers save energy in the refrigeration system through precise superheat and space temperature control, fan cycling, and controlling how often the system goes into defrost based on the compressor run time. This controller eliminates unnecessary defrost, maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor runtime, reduces liability by eliminating icing issues, reduces fan speed to 50% during off cycle to save energy, and reduces temperature fluctuations by regulating defrost for improved product quality. The EcoNet replaces and performs the function of multiple mechanical components such as the thermostat, defrost timer, and fan delay. Tafco provides additional accessories and/or options as requested.

Food aging and humidity controlled walk-ins done right!

We specialize in food aging and humidity controlled walk-in coolers. This includes meat aging (dry or wet), cheese aging (soft or hard), charcuterie coolers, bakery coolers, and wine coolers. This system can efficiently control the environment of your product by maintaining the desired temperature and humidity level inside the walk-in. While there are a wide range of humidity options, our standard system will maintain the temperature of the box and perform like a dehumidifier to reduce the walk-ins humidity.