The Tafco Door Difference: Made in the USA

Tafco’s FRP doors and frames have increased connection strength of the backing plates which improve overall strength. The FRP adds significant rigidity to the door, compared to steel or PVC perimeters. Our bottom sweep gasket has a built in retainer for easy replacement and all wiring is pulled to one point for ease of installation. At Tafco, we have evolved to polished hardware on both doors and frames including our standard antimicrobial coated handles.

Retro-Fit Doors or Frames

Walk-in doors and frames are subject to more punishment than any other part of the walk-in. Tafco can manufacture replacement doors and frames using the serial number on the box. If this information is not available, we have a replacement cooler door and frame detail page that can be submitted. Non-Tafco cooler doors or frames, in need of repair, can be fitted with a retrofit overlap door as well.

Glass Display Doors and Glass Sliders

Tafco provides glass display doors that are DOE compliant for all applications. All doors are provided with LED Lighting and shelving as requested. Shelves can either be flat or gravity feed. These glass doors can be selected for locations with high humidity. For Beer Cave application, we can provide electric glass sliding doors!

Sliding Doors

Tafco is proud to introduce our new manual and electric sliding doors! Every sliding is made-to-order and tested before we ship it out the door. Our pleasing appearance and cleanliness are achieved by the rail counseling the mechanical parts. Smooth and silent operation through using a dual roller system. The rail is easy to mount and requires minimum maintenance.