Food Service

bar counter with chairs in front and wall of glass coolers behind

Our walk-ins provide years of reliable, money-saving performance.

 Tafco provides walk-ins for a wide range of applications in the food service industry. Anywhere from fast food, convenience stores, butcher shops, and schools. We work directly with customers and consultants to ensure we accomplish all your needs.

Have your panels look exactly as you imagined!

Panels are offered with a wide variety of metal and other finishes. These include Galvlaume, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Embossed, White, Sierra Tan, FRP, Antimicrobial Coated metal, and multiple color finishes. Samples are available no additional charge!

We have sizes to fit all applications.

Our walk-ins come in many standard sizes along with exact sizes. We provide standard panels in increments of 5 ¾”, starting with 11 ½” and ending with 46”. Whether the walk-in is located in a basement or outdoors, we have the capability to meet your needs!

Visually stunning salt walls create flavor and drama!

Tafco’s Himalayan Pink Salt walls are a great way to draw attention to your walk-in while helping flavor your product. No matter the size, we can customize your salt wall to fit in any space. Our one-in-a-kind stainless steel rack is manufactured to the desired size. Ask about our salt wall today!

“My experience with Tafco, from initial request through installation in the field, has been nothing short of exceptional. It is a great comfort to know that the walk-in refrigeration is in your hands and that we never have to worry when you are on the job. Our experience with Tafco sets the standard for other vendors. You are truly the best and we appreciate you.” –Rob, Principal/Sales/Managing Partner

Meet your sales team.

Tafco’s Sales Team takes great pride in developing relationships with our customers that help us in developing solutions. Our Sales Team consists of three experienced associates Jodi McCloskey, Angelina Doloroso, and Lori McGraw.

Give us a call or email if you have any questions or need assistance!