Green Initiatives

Go Green!

Tafco is the industry leader in quality and energy efficiency. We take great pride in producing walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated warehouses that will provide many years of service and savings. Our refrigeration units are clearly the most efficient in the business. Pair this with our environmentally friendly CFC-free “Green” foam panels, and there is no comparison! With all the environmentally friendly changes that have been recently added to our outstanding quality walk-ins, now is a better time than ever to choose Tafco for your walk-in needs.

Tafco Eco-Temp offers a winning combination of energy savings, lower installation costs, and increased reliability. We have significantly increased the condenser surface, giving the same size condenser a 20% larger capacity. This results in a reduction of condensing temperatures and operating head pressures, which leads to an initial energy savings of up to 10%. Tafco then adds an extra sub-cooling and floating head feature to further increase your energy savings. The floating head feature provides up to 30% in additional savings in low ambient conditions.

2009 Federal Energy Requirements

Federal requirements are listed below.
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Doors must have automatic door closers that close the door fully within 1" of the closed position required for all doors, except those wider than 3'9" or taller than 7'0".

All TAFCO doors are provided with an automatic spring or hydraulic door closer.

Strip doors, spring hinges, or other methods of minimizing air infiltration are required when doors are opened.

All TAFCO Doors are provided with spring loaded hinges.

Wall, ceiling, and door insulation must be at least R-25 for coolers and R-32 for freezers.

All TAFCO coolers and freezers meet and exceed this requirement with factors of over R-29 and R-32, respectively, on standard 4″ panels.

Floor insulation must be at least R-28 for freezers.

All TAFCO floors meet this requirement by having at least an R-28 value.

Evaporator fan motors of less than one horsepower and less than 460 volts are required to be electronically commutated (ECM) motors, or 3-phase motors, and condenser fan motors of less than one horsepower use permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors, electronically commutated (ECM) motors, or 3-phase motors.

All TAFCO refrigeration evaporator fans less than one horsepower use electronically commuted motors and condenser fan motors less than one horsepower use permanent split capacitor motors.