Choose the floor that fits your application.

Our standard floors provide the strength required for light, medium, and heavy cart traffic. These floors are uniformly distributed with no given point load on a seam. Floors are required on all boxes above grade and for Freezer applications. Floors are recommended for Cooler applications depending on your customer needs.

Non-skid strips are available upon request.

600 lb. Floors to 5000 lb. Floors

We can provide floors for all applications. From standard lightweight floors in your commercial kitchens, to a medium type floor in your Beer Cooler. We can even provide our Heavy-Duty flooring for warehouse applications. Our foamed-in-place floors can be reinforced to meet your needs.

5-Bar Safety Flooring

Tafco provides a unique Diamond Tread pattern called 5-Bar High Performance flooring. This enhanced flooring is a 10ga Aluminum alloy, corrosion resistant, superior slip resistance material. 5-Bar has better traction properties due to the increased number of raised points of contact. Choose this finish for better support of heavier items!

When provided a foamed-in-place concrete floor, be sure to ask about our knee walls!

Knee walls make it possible to repair your concrete without replacing all your walk-in walls. This is the most cost effective way for future construction.